The Parasailing Adventure

If you have never been Parasailing before you need to try it, if you are the least bit adventurous, you will love it.

I have a pretty big fear of heights, and I get vertigo when I look out a window in tall buildings or going up gondolas and anywhere above ground. I have never let that stop me from doing any of those things, nor will I let fear stop me from having experiences.

The first cruise I went on provided me the chance to experience parasailing. It was on Norwegian's private island. My husband and I did the jet ski excursion in the morning, The Parasailing adventure was my last before boarding the ship again, and while waiting for my parasailing time, he decided he would meet me back onboard the ship.

On board the parasail speed boat watching the people go before me, my turn approached, I was looking at the flying fish and feeling the wind as my fear kicked in, my heart started pumping my stomach felt like there were a million butterflies fluttering around. Then it was my turn to get up on the platform, and as I got in the harness, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, let it out slowly. I was grateful not to have to run on the beach to ascend and just sat down on the platform as the boat gained speed and the sail caught the wind.

Up I went, I wasn't sure how high it was when there was nothing just quiet, no wind, no vibration, No fear, nothing it was the most calmness I felt in my entire life and from that moment I was hooked. Looking around, I wondered if this was what birds feel as they soar. Of all I was able to see, it was the quiet that I felt, I would never forget.

One of my favorite parts of my flight was going by the cruise ship, and who do I see a little bit below me, but my husband. He went out on the lido deck for a bite to eat and happen to see me sailing by and now I have a once in a lifetime video I wasn't expecting, And my husband can honestly say he never expected to be eating lunch on a cruise ship when his wife flew by. Coming back down to the land on the boat they offer you a chance to go for a dunk in the ocean, but I forgot what the instructions were so didn't do it.

I enjoyed parasailing so much that on the next cruise I convinced my friend and daughter to go with me. This time I knew what to expect and so I didn't have the fear I had the first time. We were on a Carnival cruise in Grand Cayman. The tour was full, and the weather wasn't the best, so we didn't get to long a ride, but it was enjoyable enough. My experience wasn't as peaceful due to the wind that day; some gusts caught the sail and pulled me sideways once in a while. I will say I did have a little fear kick up, but it was still an amazing ride.

I can't wait till I can do it again now.

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