Nothing better than being in a giant fish tank!

One of my favorite things to do in the world is snorkel, and If I had a big enough fish tank, I would do it in there. I snorkel whenever and wherever I can. The two experiences that stand out to me are. In Hawaii, Snorkeling with giant turtles swimming right beside you is an incredible experience.

The other was in Grand Cayman after the parasail we had time to go snorkel near where the tenders drop you off. There is a rental place for gear as you leave the cruise drop off area.

My daughter got in the water first, and this was one of her first times' snorkeling before I can get in more than waist deep she pops her head out and mumbles "big fish" her eyes were big as saucers. Here I am thinking she only saw a big stingray or a fish bigger than ones we keep in the aquarium. Needless to say, I laughed at her. So I continue to go snorkel along to view a sunken ship. The current must have pulled me over a bit, just a little, or I managed to snorkel way over but making my way back to shore I ran into the biggest fish I ever saw in my life. These fish had huge round eyes and were about 6 feet long, and round they were bigger than my 25-year-old daughter. Not panicking, I slowly turned to leave them alone but ran into another and then another. If I could have gulped underwater, I would have. They were just stationary, looking at me. I wonder if I scared them; my eyes were as big as theirs. I managed to swim by them and got to shore. Now my daughter was laughing at me. We asked the lady working the rental desk what they, and she said they were Tarpon come to eat the scraps from the restaurants daily fish cleaning, and that they are harmless. Had I known I would have observed them more.

Norwegian's private island offers a beautiful cove safe for all ages. I saw people feeding the fish bread from their hand. They do have a lifeguard posted at the entrance to open ocean. ( A small opening between two rocks) I am not a super strong swimmer so stayed shore side of those rocks.

I found both Grand Cayman by the tender drop, and Norwegian private island are both very safe places. For anyone who wants to try snorkeling and think you can't because you can't swim or can't swim well follow these rules. 1) Never go in the ocean without a life jacket. 2) Never go in alone make sure someone who knows how to swim is nearby. 3) you don't have to swim, walk out far enough you can put your face in the water(with snorkel gear on). If you can swim a bit, then know snorkeling is not so much swimming as floating and moving your ankles to propel forward.

Remember the ocean is not a pool; there are dangers like rip tides and predators, know your surroundings. You should always have enough fear to respect the ocean but not too much that you will be too afraid to experience it. There is danger in everything we do, but if we take proper precautions, we will limit the risk.

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