Part 2, Cruising why's, how's, Pro's, Con's

After I am booked now the fun really starts, I look on YouTube for all the videos on my cruise, the ship, and activities I want to do. I shop for Items, plan what I want to pack, look at excursions, find information on the ports. This is when I get excited because I can choose to do activities I have always dreamed of doing.

There are fantastic tips and reviews, ship tours, and advice to be found. When I was researching my last cruise, I seemed to find lots, but I had no idea of the Iceberg of the information below the main surface the search engines turned up. I was sure I had to start up a website that offered cruise information! So Cruise Captain was created. Then as I was gathering information, a whole new world of cruising opened up, and I thought where was this when I was looking. So instead of just an information source, I turned Cruise Captain into a place where cruise content creators and cruisers can meet. The website is still in the beginning stages, but I hope it will be an excellent place for the two to merge.

Pros- This is a no brainer you learn all about the ship, ports, activities so you are sure not to miss anything.

Cons- Search engines will only give you part of what is out there for information what about the part you are missing below the surface.

One of the latest pieces of advice I have seen is this video (all husbands need to watch)

5 secrets for husbands to make sure their wives have a great cruise as one sided as this video title seems it is a benefit to both husband and wife.

Another pro with the cruise pro videos is product reviews. These come from real people who know about cruise vacation needs. Often their products are tried in real life, and they have stores on Amazon or other places set up with products for cruising for secure purchase. Below are three such stores from cruise pros.

Links to Cruise Gear

Cruise Tips TV Shop

Sharon at Sea Shop

Emma Cruises Shop

When you have looked at the video's shopped for products, You might want to purchase onboard packages. While the food and basic drinks are included, there are things you can add to up the enjoyment factor of your cruise. Drink packages, dining packages, photo packages, and more. Look for this in Part 3 of cruising why's, how's, pro's, cons.

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