New To Cruising

There are many questions new cruisers ask, can I afford a cruise? What is all included? How do I choose a Cruise line? Are all the cruise lines the same? Where do I start?

Welcome to the world of cruising. I am excited to share with you all the reasons you should book your first cruise today! The first question you should ask yourself is, Do I want to go on a cruise? And the answer is YES! There are so many great reasons to cruise that it's hard to know where to start.

There is no real # 1 answer as each person has his or her reasons for taking a cruise. Maybe you want relaxation or adventure, and maybe it's to enjoy the excellent service, food, or to meet new people the list is endless. Whatever your reason, you will find it on one of the cruise lines.

Where do I start?

You have come to the right place. You start by looking at the information that is provided not only on this site but other websites also. I always say you can't have too much information. Start with the type of person you are, are you adventurous, do you like exotic locals, do you want warm weather, does age matter? Then move on to how long do you want? If you have never been on a cruise before I recommend you start short, try a five night or less cruise, if your feeling like you will love it, then go for your heart's desire! Once you know the type of cruise where, how long, check out the cruise lines. Every cruise line and every ship will change the experience of your cruise. There are pluses and minus of each one and those differ for each person. and that leads me to my next question.

Are all Cruise lines the same?

The answer to that is NO! There is everything from small and luxurious to grand and adventurous. The luxurious can be intimate and reach ports larger ships can't while the magnificent ships can offer numerous activities.

How do I choose a cruise line?

Choosing a cruise line can be as simple or complex as you make it, and you're sometimes not selecting a line you're choosing a ship or even an itinerary. When looking at the sites of cruise lines, what jumps out at you? is it the activities the ship has to offer, is it the price of the cruise? Is it the ports?

What is all included?

These vary by ship and cruise line, so be sure to confirm on the cruise line's website. Built into your cruise price are accommodations (cabin) your meals (except specialty venues) basic drinks (regular coffee, tea, (not bottled) water, ice tea, milk, etc.), shows, most activities.

What Is not included in cruise price?

Two things are non-negotiable added to the cruise fare, and those are taxes, fees, and port expenses and gratuities. The reason I say gratuities are non-negotiable are the staff onboard are worth every penny, I have never had reason to deny them and have even given extra to those who enhanced my cruise experience with excellent service. Yes that is my opinion, and you can, if you have reason to, request these be changed. The other items that you will pay extra for are optional. Excursions are not mandatory, but they add to your vacation. And some of the activities on board have fees, along with specialty dining and beverages.

Can I afford a cruise?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Yes, you can afford a cruise. Cruise lines offer you in some cases 2 years ahead to book. That means for a low deposit you can reserve your cruise today and pay it over time as long as you have it paid in full by the date in terms of the cruise line usually 60-90 days before you sail.

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