I want to take a Cruise But I don't know how?

I left this title vague because there are soooooo many reasons why we don't know how we can take that cruise vacation. Reasons like not knowing what kind of cruise to take or thinking you can't afford to take a cruise to not having someone to cruise with and being scared of traveling on a ship etc.

If there is a want, there is a way, and many people out there to help you to find that way.

I see so many young people go thru life wishing they can take that vacation they just read about or saw an advertisement for only to put it behind them the next second because they think it is out of reach.

I wish I had someone take me aside and say, hey, you can do it. It just takes some reorganizing and prioritizing. We can't have everything in life, well most of us can't. So yes there are sacrifices you might have to make to achieve the goal of taking a cruise vacation.

Let's tackle the easy one, Not knowing what kind of cruise to take. Well, the obvious is to start with your interests. There are cruises geared to different hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. Maybe you want warm weather or nature or culture. Use the many bloggers, vloggers, and websites to find the cruise information for you. YouTube is full of ship reviews, port reviews, activities, and tips on cruising and much more. There are ocean cruises and river cruises, short cruises, or extended cruises. Cruising is something you can customize to you.

How can I Save to Take that Cruise

I Can't afford to take a cruise is a little tougher to navigate as so many situations differ, I agree that there may be times where any vacation is a luxury no matter the cost.

Cruises don't have to be a big two weeks long getaway on a luxury liner. You can book an inside cabin for a four-night cruise for as little as $337.48 pp(USD) taxes and gratuities included, and maybe better than that. That includes all your food, your accommodations, enough beverage options you will be satisfied. Activities and shows are mostly included there may be some that charge a small fee, you will not be bored if you do not pay the extra for those. Do you have to shop in the port? NO! do you have to spend any money in port to enjoy it? NO! do you have to spend money on board to have a good time? NO!

If only paying the cruise fare was all involved then yes a four-night cruise can cost $337.48 pp you will have gone to 2 ports sailed on a great ship, enjoyed shows, fabulous food, service that you will more than appreciate. All this can also be booked two years in advance and paid in 21 monthly payments of $16.07pp.(prices vary)

For those that live in a port city, this is as easy as giving up a regular cup of coffee for two weeks a month. For those who might have to travel to get to the port, your plane ticket might be more than your cruise fare. In this case, there is a little more work to do in finding deals for flights or maybe train or driving to port if it's cheaper, but it might take longer to reach the port. Look at reward options whether it is credit card, airline mileage, Airmiles gives you points for your purchases from partner suppliers on everyday purchases. They do add up I have used the reward points system for many flights myself as I live very far from any port. With a little research some savvy planning and diligent saving, I know you can find your way to get to the port.

The other expenses involved are transfers to and from airport/port(some hotels have free transfers to both), any meals/drinks needed before you board the ship, and possible hotel accommodations before or after your cruise. Look for cruise/hotel packages.

Explain your situation and let them help

The easiest, best, and the first thing you can do when looking into cruising or traveling in general for that matter is contacting a Travel Agent. They Can find deals you won't find no matter how hard you look. They can book air, hotel, car rentals at the same time as booking your cruise. They work with you, and one call does it all. They will let you know if your cruise fare has dropped in price since you booked and adjust it for you. Not to mention if something happens when traveling, flights canceled, hotel canceled they have your back they will take care of you, while everyone else is scrambling with airport staff you just need to call your agent or their support team. The best part of a travel agent is they don't cost you anything to use them.

As for not having anyone to cruise with, many people today go solo. Some like their own company, and some are tired of waiting for someone else to go with. Cruise ships are just like anywhere else, take proper precautions and cruising is just as safe as your own city. You can download apps that connect you with other cruisers before you go, and maybe even find a cabin mate. Some cruise lines have an exclusive section of cabins for solo travelers that allow for interaction in a unique solo lounge. I am pretty safe in saying you won't be the only solo cruiser onboard.

Too scared to travel by ship? Regardless of what you have heard in the news, you are very safe onboard a cruise ship, and things rarely go wrong. Cruise ships sail every day throughout the year. And there are 66 ocean cruise lines and 29 river cruise lines all with multiple ships each, traveling every single day with very little going wrong.

Accidents happen everywhere, and the only way to avoid them entirely is to stay locked in your own home, except for the odd car crashing thru a house or a tornado ripping apart your home you should be safe.

To my knowledge, no ships have hit ice burgs since the titanic, and no cruises have gone missing in the Bermuda triangle. Ships captains do everything in their power to avoid storms and problems with the ship. You are more likely to be in a car accident then you are to be in a ship accident.