How you TOO can Afford that Cruise

If your anything like me when I was younger, I always wished I could take that cruise but could never afford it, a thousand dollars to me then was a thousand more then I had, or so I thought. I would walked into travel agencies and get the magazine brochures, (really dating myself here, I don't think they have them anymore.) and drooled about the places I wanted to go. ( I guess I like to torture myself.)

Working for just above min wage and thinking that the twenty-somethings are when you're suppose to get out and enjoy life. But with working and having a family, my focus was on that, and my cruise was only in my dreams.

jobs. (still, don't have the time to go away as much as we want) I have realized we could have gone on that cruise then if we made a few changes and looked for opportunities.

Now that I am older and maybe just a little wiser, I've gone on that cruise, and well now I am addicted and need to find ways to afford my addiction.

With opportunities that have come my way, and realizing I didn't need to have all the money right away to book, only a deposit. The fact that travel agents don't cost you money to use them. (I always thought I had to pay them to make my travel arrangements)

#1) You need to be able to afford it. What in your life can you do to start setting money aside? What programs are out there to help you save? Enter contests to try and win a cruise. Look farther down the road but start saving now, you don't have to take that cruise this year but plan to take it maybe in two years. You do not want to put yourself in debt no matter how much you want to go.

Things to look at in day to day life to save money is, based on one person, average amounts.

TREATS, what do you buy in a week pop, chips, chocolate bar, Starbucks, pastries, I know you're saying WHAT? but every 5 dollars you spend on these things adds up over time, combine these with other savings, and it won't be long before your on that cruise. Think about it if you buy 1 pop, 1 bag of chips, 1 chocolate bar and 1 Starbucks a week that is $10-13.00 per week $40-52.00 per month $480-624.00 per year

1 Cup of regular coffee a day is $1.50/cup 10.50/week $42.00/month $504.00/year

LUNCHES how many times a week do you eat out average lunch is $10.00. If you eat out just two lunches a week it totals $20.00 per week $80.00 per month 960.00 per year, now add more for dinners out.

Alcohol, smoking, are other places for huge savings, you do the math. These are things you don't have to give up altogether but try and skip them once and a while and put that money aside, and you will be amazed how fast it adds up. I know I wished I skipped some of those things when I was younger and enjoyed a cruise instead. Hindsight is 20/20.

For spending money, my husband and I save all the change we get thru the year and all the bottles we return. Since we use debit for a lot of purchases, the money a year is a lot sometimes $300.00 per year, and another $160.00 in bottle recycling.

We get into habits in life and don't realize where we put our priorities, and the little daily spending costs don't enter our mind, we only see the big numbers that make a change to our finances.

#2) Enter as many contests as you can, but keep in mind these usually are only cruise fares won. You still need to pay taxes, fees, get to port, etc. A free cruise is still a free cruise!

#3) Find cruise travel saving opportunities. This one has only just come across my path, and I am still learning the ropes. I have included a link and a short bio for you should you wish to learn more. At the time of publication of this article, I haven't joined, but I will be looking into it more.

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In the summer of 2016 my wife and I were invited to join an Invitation-Only Cruise Club. We were Diamond Club Members with Royal Caribbean and had cruised more than 30 times. We already knew how to "shop" for our cruises, but we were curious about the club so we looked into it. We joined on June 14, 2016 and as of July 2019 we have already booked our 8th cruise with our club membership. We have saved well over $11,000 based on the lowest available public pricing. Today the Club is the fastest growing travel community in the world. Visit for full details. Kelly Reese, Chartered Financial Consultant

Start saving today and before you know it, you too will be on a cruise