Cruise Etiquette, 101

There are many things you just don't do in public. And cruise ships are no exception, and sometimes one needs to be even more diligent when on a large secluded object out in the middle of nowhere contained with thousands of other people.

I'm not just talking about picking your nose in public or scratching personal areas. But things you do at home you should NOT do on a cruise ship. There are also new habits you NEED to get into you might think don't matter.


Cruise Buffets

#1) While you might grab that roll with your hands at home don't even think about it at a cruise buffet. If you do, you better be prepared for some good old chastising. When at any buffet and not just a cruise buffet NEVER and I mean NEVER touch the food with your hands unless it is already on your plate and going to your mouth. This sounds like something basic, but you won't believe the number of people who don't think of using the tongs or products provided to get their food from the buffet to your plate.

#2) Parents, please watch younger children in the buffet area DO NOT let them touch, slobber, sneeze, and lick every item there. Watch the next time your in a buffet line and their little head is just perfect counter height, watch if their little hands curve around the counter and their little mouths touch the edge of the bar all the while breathing on all the food. Teach the older teens manners, and they can learn to say excuse me and not push their way through.

#3) Make the sanitizer stands your new best friend, shake hands with them EVERY time you see one. This applies not only in the buffet but everywhere on the ship and in port. The cruise lines can only be so diligent in cleaning public areas if we don't do our part, sicknesses can happen.

#4) Take only what you eat, I know sometimes you want to try something and don't like it, or something doesn't taste good. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about piling your plate so high with food and leaving half of it behind because you are too full. Take half of what you think you want and go back for seconds you're a human being, not a wasteful pig.


Decks,Pools and Hot Tubs

#1) DO NOT PEE IN THE POOL OR HOT TUB that cannot be said loud enough. I wish all pools would use that stuff that turns purple when it comes into contact with urine, and I would be sure to have my phone handy, so I could post your photo on social media if you pee in the pool.

#2) Taking up a chair all day that you are only going to use for a short time. Yes, we know the deck chairs are hard to come by, and some are pretty darn sweet. You think that since you set your alarm for six, go and put your things on that prime chair/spot to claim it then go back to bed till ten, then take a lunch indoors thinking you can come back to your chair for the afternoon. You need to think again. You are not the only person who deserves that spot, and there are thousands just like you who want that seat. So if you are not planning to park your butt in that chair don't think of claiming it.

For those who see a towel or bag on a chair but not a person do not think nobody is sitting there, then move their stuff and set your own butt down on that chair. There are times when someone might need a bathroom, a drink, something to eat. Give it a minimum of 20 min (only towel there) 30 min is better if there is a bag; it does take time to get that burger or drink. If you see nobody come back, then you can go ahead and sit down. Should someone come after that let them know you waited (how long?) and saw nobody, so you figured it was available. Be sure to ask the nearest chair neighbor if they know if this chair is vacant, it might save you some time.


Around The Ship

Parents I don't mean to pick on you, but this is a complaint heard over and over, Just because you feel your kids are contained to the ship, doesn't mean you shouldn't know where your children are and keep close tabs on what they are doing. Kids should not be running the halls destroying item such as door décor other cruisers placed on their door, tormenting the other passengers with loud, unruly behavior, this does not apply to places where children are supposed to be laughing, playing and running, but places like the buffet, hallways, elevators, public areas where such behavior should be adequate. Everyone thinks their children are well behaved, and maybe they are in your presence, but all kids should receive a reminder to watch their manners when out of their parent's eye.

Adults if you are in a kid prone area expect them to be having fun, running and playing, yelling laughing and go elsewhere if you don't like it.

I do believe that if everyone treated everyone else with the same respect, they expect then things would go much better. I have heard of complaints people have on crew members, and I have one solution, look at the issue in full spectrum and deal with it accordingly. If you have a room steward who isn't cleaning your cabin to your standards, don't just grumble about the problem and then say you will never cruise with that cruise line again or use it as an excuse to reduce the gratuities. If it is something simple, go to the steward and ask nicely if they could do it the way you would like. They can't know your particular likes automatically unless you tell them. Should the problem not be corrected and you feel you did all you could go to the front desk and calmly relay the issue (sometimes a deep breath and counting to ten is needed) you are going to get better reception and answers if you are calm, friendly, and polite with the issue. Remember they are not aware of any problem and don't deserve your anger.

The internet seems to be the place to blast all the bad about people, situation or things but sometimes the blame lies with what measure was taken by the person wronged to solve the issue before it got to that escalated stage.

I have come to the place where I can't take reviews as people write them and I have to pick and guess what is legit and what is someone just taking their anger out.

Cruise Lines and crews are in the business of customer service and won't intentionally anger their cruise passengers.