Choosing a Cruise

With all the different cruises and cruise lines out there, it could seem daunting to choose one for your vacation. What if you choose the wrong one and hate your vacation? You just spent how much? What if you pick one that doesn't suit your demographic? Imagine being the only couple of 80 year old's on a spring break party cruise filled with 20 somethings or vice versa. How about booking that cruise for your honeymoon and finding out it is a singles cruise. I don't want to scare you anymore, so I will just tell you about some of the things to look for when booking your cruise. This article is not a rule as many factors vary but more an idea.

Knowing the kind of cruise you want is first! Every cruise line and cruise offers a different experience, also the time of year matters. Outlined below are 8 of the most popular ocean cruise lines.

Carnival Cruises- Are known to be the most affordable cruise line and are a mix of people across the board, from children to elderly. Fun ship vibe throughout the fleet. An excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Royal Caribbean- They have some of the largest ships at sea, and until lately, they had the best ship activities. Some of the other cruise lines have caught up to them in that department. Very much an activity style ship. perfect for active people and family's

Holland America- A quieter classic cruise experience filled mostly of middle-aged to senior cruisers with some young sprinkled in. Ships are not as exciting as some of the other lines, but service more than makes up for it. Great for those who want a low activity laid back cruise.

Princess- Traditional style cruises with the broadest range of destination choices, similar cruising style to Holland America and Celebrity.

Disney- while Disney isn't the cheapest cruise option, they can wow with the Disney experience at sea, It's often said you pay more, but you get more. Perfect for families and those who prefer family-style entertainment.

Norwegian-Is similar to royal and carnival; guests are across the board for age groups. Their Freestyle cruising was first to make its mark in the industry. Choose this one if you want a mix of passengers and your way cruising experience.

Celebrity-Is a mid-age cruise line with other ages here, and they're more of a classy mid-scale line than the others. Unlike the name, don't expect to have celebrities on board with you.

MSC- Has an Italian style all its own with operatic like shows and themes. Prices are often comparable to the Carnival cruise lines.

Choosing the right cruise also depends on what type of vacation you are looking to have. Do you only want to unwind from a tough week, then perhaps a three-night weekend cruise is for you. These short cruises have gotten a bad name in the past as being "booze cruises" because most people who take these cruises want to let off some steam and take a mini-break, often they are cheap and quick.

You don't always have to be apart of that if you don't want to. I am a non-drinker, and I did my first cruise as a four-night Bahamas because I didn't know if I would like cruising. Most of the time the ships are big enough, you can find quiet places to enjoy.

Five to seven night cruises Are for those looking for a vacation getaway, meaning you want to travel to ports and see the sights or relax and have the ship take care of all your desires or maybe both. You will find families, couples, singles, all taking an average vacation.

Eight to fourteen night cruises Are filed with those who have cruised before, know what to expect on a cruise, and want to relax on a more extended vacation with more ports. If you are a first-time cruiser, I do not recommend taking longer than seven nights unless you know what kind of cruiser you are going to be. I have friends who did a first cruise 14 nights and found they were at sea too long and then did a seven-night a loved it.

Cruises longer then 14 nights Are those who are retired or in a category where work isn't a hinderance they want to travel the world and see faraway ports and cultures. And of course, for us cruise fanatics who can't get enough

So as you can see, choosing a cruise is probably one of the most versatile vacations you can take. It is all about you and your wants in a vacation at that time. The combinations of options are virtually endless. Unless you want to repeat your experience on purpose, you can change just a couple of cruising options and have a brand new experience each and every time. That is why millions of people choose to cruise as their vacation.

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