Are Cruises the Most Affordable Type of Holiday

With the rising cost of living, people are finding they have to be creative with their vacation choices. Most can not afford to take a vacation and those who can weigh the cost involved. A 7-night driving vacation can vary in price as many factors apply, but a reasonable estimate is:

- Meals 2 meals per day assuming the hotel you pick has breakfast included

4 ppl = 100.00/day (eating really cheap) total $700.00

- Accommodations (depends on where you travel)

4 ppl =150.00/ night(staying really cheap) total $1050.00

-Fuel cost is approximately $60.00/day(keeping close to home)Total $ 420.00

-Activities and Entertainment (assuming 1 daytime and 1 nighttime)

4 ppl=50.00/person per day Total $1400.00

For a family of 4, the minimum you can spend is about $ 3570.00 for a 7-night vacation. Works out to $ 892.50pp

Summary: You will have had a nice budget family vacation driving from place to place within three days of your home with enjoying an activity each day and maybe a show in the evening.

Just like everything else cruising can be everywhere on the budget scale from an inside cabin to a suite on a luxury liner. Keeping this article budget themed, I opted to search out the lowest price I could find. (keep in mind this is a quick search a travel agent might be able to do better.) I decided to give you the lowest prices on some of the top 5 cruise lines and stayed within the Caribbean as it is usually more affordable and searched July as the kids are out of school. All are based on Western Caribbean and 7-nights.

7-night cruise in the Caribbean,

Carnival Cruise Lines, Western Caribbean $2874.08=$718.52pp

Lunch in three ports $30.00/pp= $120.00(optional)

Three excursions $150.00/pp(optional) free to explore on your own

Flights/travel to port $ varies

onboard spending $ varies (you really don't need to spend anything)

Norwegian Cruise Line, Western Caribbean $ 4242.26=1060.56pp ( had to exchange the dollar NCL would only quote in CAD)

Lunch in four ports $40.00/pp=160.00(optional)

four excursions $200.00pp (optional)

flights to port $ varies

Onboard spending $ varies (you really don't need to spend anything)