3 Steps how NOT to be left behind in port

We have all heard the horror stories of pier runners and those who have reached the dock as their ship is feet away from the pier already set sail. Yes, they missed the (boat). So how can you be sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Pier runners might just get to the ship in time having to do the run of shame while the entire ship is jeering and calling from the decks. Sometimes it is due to their own mistakes, and sometimes it can’t be helped if tours turn out to run late for one reason or another.

Then there are the pier runners that missed the ship by moments and are left standing there at the end of the pier wishing they could just jump and climb onboard after all they are right there.

Don’t worry they have not been left alone the cruise line has left a representative there to aid them in reaching the next port of call or home depending on where you are on the itinerary. This is, of course, at your own expense.

So what can you do to avoid this sort of situation and savor every moment of your cruise? The 3 simple steps below will help you have a worry-free cruise.

Sync your watch to the ships time.

Step 1)

Sync your watch with the ship time. Every port has a return time set well before sailing when you are to be back on the ship. This time is posted on your daily ship newspaper, on the gangway as you disembark, and on the pier where you start your port adventure. Should you miss these places, ask the crew member as you disembark. I can’t stress enough the most important thing is to sync your watch with the ships time as you leave you can do this by asking the crew as you disembark, Do this at every port.

Step 2)

Should you choose an excursion that leaves very little time to return to the ship consider booking that excursion thru the ship. They guarantee you will not miss the ship should something delay your excursion, they will wait for you. That alone could be worth the few dollars you might save booking on your own. Private excursion companies do everything in their power to return you on time but an excursion that cuts it close to ship leaving leaves little room for error such as a flat tire.

Step 3)

Set an alarm

Set the alarm on your watch or phone alerting you that you need to start making your way back. The amount of time will depend on how far you are from the ship and the mode of transportation back to the ship, eg. Are you walking, do you need to wait for a bus, are you taking a taxi, etc.

With these three tips, you will have less worry about whether or not you will miss the ship.

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