Carnival Fantasy.jpg
Carnival Fantasy.jpg

 Now you can get these signature steakhouse dishes on your plate anytime you’re enjoying dinner in our lively main dining room.

This is your time to be spoiled, indulged and even beautified. Lie back, close your eyes, and feel the stress sail away

The Carnival Fantasy is today fitted with all the modern conveniences, and once aboard, you’ll not only see it, but you’ll hear it for yourself. Listen for the “ahh” of relaxation at Serenity Adult-Only Retreat, the “ahhhhh” of extreme relaxation at Spa Carnival…and don’t miss the “aaaaaaaaah!!” of thrills at Carnival WaterWorks, our onboard water park featuring Twister Waterslide and Splash Park!

Slumberers can sleep in and still enjoy breakfast favorites, while early-risers get a head-start on lunch.

Our stage shows are designed to razzle and dazzle. Illusionists and Magicians will thrill and confound you with their mysterious feats.

While aboard, this is the place that will shiver your timbers and warm you to the bone, 24 hours a day

Dr. Seuss’s timeless stories are the kind kids memorize, and this is the kind of cruise you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Carnival Splendor.jpg
Carnival Splendor.jpg

the guys and gals who are still doin’ it up low and slow and smoky, the way it’s been done since just about forever.

Play it again, Sam. Or Diana. Or whatever your name is. Because this is the bar where you call the shots… and the tunes.

It’s hard to tell which onboard space best represents Carnival Splendor — they all seem to hint at the amazing time you’re going to have. El Morocco Lounge hosts comedy shows, musical performances, karaoke and more… and wears its 1930s namesake clearly on its nameplate. The words “Royal Flush Casino” incite visions of winning, while our onboard jazz club — The Cool — simply says it all without saying a word. And the Pinnacle Steakhouse can be found not only at the height of elegant dining, but at the actual apex of the ship.

select your noodles and veggies. Then tell one of our chefs which sauce and meat you want in the wok

it’s really, really nice to have a place to unwind from the day’s excitement. Cloud 9 Spa staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists)

Camp Ocean

The little ones can enjoy the best parts of summer camp, year-round aboard their Carnival cruise.

enjoy music, activities, games and giveaways at supervised parties while you enjoy… whatever

Carnival Conquest.jpg